About Tayadeline

So, here is where I put the answer to the big question…”what is Tayadeline?”  And I don’t mean that in a deep philosophical way, but actually that people don’t know what the word is.  It’s a fun game.  You can tell when people look at the word their expecting something complex with some deeply imbedded meaning from some obscure book or movie I once watched.  I will say, when I answer their question I’m always pleased to see their faces change from that uncomfortable wince of “please don’t tell me something with the expectation of some intellectually profound response” to a calming look of “that’s nice.”

Tayadeline is the combination of my children’s names.  My son, Taylor and my daughter Madeline.  When it came time to name my business a while back now, it seemed only fitting to take the names of the two most important individuals in my life, the two people I am so proud of and merge them.  I see Tayadeline as an extension of me just as I feel privileged to think that my children are.  At the same time, my kids are their own individuals and I am constantly in amazement of who they are becoming similar to the feeling I get with my business.  I would be definitely cheating to take any credit for the characters of my children as a personal accomplishment, I’m just blessed and lucky really.  I can only hope I will ever feel as proud of Tayadeline as I do of Taylor and Madeline.

As with all things in life and people, my business has evolved and changed along with me.  As I mentioned I’m a mother, I’m also a wife and both of those things happened for me at a very young age.  Starting so young meant finding ways to use what we had and making do.  I fought it at times, being frustrated at not having the means to buy things new for my home.  I look back now and find it humorous to think something I learned to do out of necessity became so much a part of who I am.

During my evolution, Tayadeline has been there.  For a while it was the name of my floral business, another hobby I enjoy.  You can view some of my past floral projects on the History page of this site.  Although, through it all the joy I find in seeking out and using pieces with history has won out and consequently I’ve moved away from floral work.  Shopping for and now selling vintage has become the newest venture to carry the Tayadeline name.

So, the answer to the question, “what is Tayadeline?”

Tayadeline is anything and everything that is me.

Right here is where you can keep up with this season of my journey because  right now Tayadeline is all things vintage and I am loving it!

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