Heritage Holiday Faire

November’s main event was the Heritage Holiday Faire at the Mission Mill Museum in Salem.  It was a fun intro into the holiday season over the weekend of November 16th, 17th, & 18th.  We, my dear friend Heather of Adi Shakti Studio and I, hand-picked this event to participate in because it blended art/craft with vintage.


The backdrop of the Mill made for a magical event but the very best part of the whole experience was working side by side with Heather.  She is a beautiful and kind person who is also a very talented artist.  I felt privileged to be witness to the conversations she had with patrons regarding her art.  I loved watching as people would be drawn to a piece and become more and more involved as she explained to them her process, medium, and thoughts that went into creating it.  It was extremely satisfying to see as they expressed genuine excitement in newly owning a piece of Heather’s original art,  Adi Shakti Studio.




Writing about this experience, my recall is interesting at it fluxes from the oblivious to the emotional.  I feel compelled, again to be grateful.  Buying and selling vintage is in itself a simple thing but it’s the ins and outs of moments.  Conversations with people, interactions in regards to life and connection wether it’s centered around a vintage piece that reminds someone of a forgotten time or a piece of art that allows them to feel a much needed tether to creativity.  It’s easy to get stuck with tunnel vision, waiting for the big picture to reveal the direction to success when in truth just sitting and recalling these simple moments brings the biggest sense of fulfillment.

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