Vintage Flea

It was a beautiful Saturday in Astoria.  I spent the day in front of Vintage Hardware, an amazing store, participating in their VintageFlea.  A very good day.


We, the husband/#1 partner and I left Portland on Friday in the early afternoon.  With the beautiful low, fall sun following us from behind we arrived in Astoria as the same sun hovered even lower in the sky.  We checked into our motel, dropped our bags, and headed over the Warrenton bridge to pick-up clam chowder at Dooger’s for dinner in our room.








We sat on our little patio over-looking the marina as we ate and listened to the big river.











After the sun went down we took a little walk around the motel, down to the dock and through the marina.








It was simply a breathtaking night.











The next morning we woke up early, grabbed coffee, and headed up a few blocks into town to set-up for the day.  From that point on the day was full of great people and good vintage with beautiful Astoria as the back-drop.

















I’m very grateful for this last year and all the moments I’ve felt so blessed to live in.

I’m just dreaming now of what the next months will bring about.  When you don’t know who you are to be when you are young, then try to parent those that you were just lucky enough to have been a part of bringing into the world, it can be very confusing to figure out what your true purpose is.  I just want to remain valid in the lives that mean so much to me while learning more everyday to be present in these moments.


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