Me and the Bens

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently downloaded some new music.  I’ve been listening to Every Kingdom by Ben Howard non-stop for a few weeks now. Finding out he would be in Portland this week I bought tickets.

We ( my husband, Ben and I ) checked out his show Thursday night.

Lately, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I’m like an old lady at concerts.  Planning leading up to the show, I’m anxious about eating, parking, and the whole bathroom thing.  I always hold on to the slim chance there will be seating and when there’s not I’m anxious about trying to see the stage, annoyed by the crowd, and even though we always threaten to show up late to bypass the opener I just can’t do it for fear I might miss the act I wanted to see.  So, leading up to the moment he walked on stage I complained, and complained.


All my complaints went away when he walked on the stage and shifted to time flying by so fast before I knew it he was playing his encore and it was over.







I thoroughly enjoyed him and all in all it was a very nice night with the 2 Bens.




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