My husband turned 39 Friday and as we sat at a coffee shop in town late in the day talking about the evening to come we realized the kids were both busy for the night with activities and friends so….. we left.  Usually when we’re given the opportunity to take a quick getaway we head to Astoria, but since we’re heading there next weekend for The Vintage Flea we decided to venture the opposite direction toward Hood River.  We thought we would run by the house, grab a few things, batten down the hatches and hit the road.  Instead, as we got back into the car to leave the coffee shop and as if with white-knuckles afraid someone could snatch away our plan if we delayed we decided to just go.  Before long we were on I84, headed off on a mini road trip with my IPhone playing it’s latest download.  When my one idea for a place to stay in Hood River had no vacancy for the night we decided to head a little further to the Dalles and a little Motel called the Celilo Inn.


We got checked in as the sun was getting low in the sky and a couple hours later I dangled my feet in the pool while my husband took a swim.

That moment was one where I tried really hard to be present.  We were the only people in the pool, the air was warm and the sky full of stars.  The pool was tucked against the hillside and I kept having that feeling like I could have been a handful of different places, places my memory was playing for me like a slide show, places we vacationed when I was a kid.  The shadows danced and played and there was one tree tucked in between the hill and cement bank surrounding the pool that was lit by the poolside lamps but looked like it could have been lit from below by a fire’s glow.















We woke up slowly the next morning and crept our way back toward home.











Just a brief time away but already stored in the bank.  On another day when I need to escape but can’t physically go I’ll pull these moments from my memory.



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