Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away…..

Come again another day and STAY.

You don’t have to agree with me on this or even understand it, but I love the rain.  My relationship with rain is not without strain, but as in any relationship we have our beautiful up moments that in turn help us “weather” the downs.

I was born and raised here so I know the rain.  This is probably why I feel so endeared to it.  It comes with being an Oregonian.  A healthy respect for what makes this beautiful place, my home so uniquely beautiful.

I need seasons, I need the change.  I look for the little subtleties that tell me when that change is coming.  Not to mention, I don’t need 100 degree days and truthfully I don’t even need 90 degree days.

My family is maybe a little ridiculous.  I come from farmers and even though I don’t actually farm myself, it’s sort of in me. I hear my family talk, we compare our stories of how we hear and feel those little subtleties that nature offers as her cues.  I’m not taking license in saying that, I have family members that actually feel it, an aching in their bones when the rain is on it’s way.  I guess there is a scientific explanation for that, something to do with pressure in the atmosphere.  For me it doesn’t need an explanation just that it is, a connection.

For the past week or so I have found myself checking for changes in the weather on my phone and computer more than email.  I’m just ready for the rain, for that peaceful breath of  air that comes in and everything smells better and comes back to life.

This morning, I stood at the counter below my kitchen window.  I spend my morning moments there daily attending to my rituals of left over dishes and brewing morning coffee. I often gaze out of my window watching for what the day is going to offer.


There, there is where I saw it.  Not much but just that slight whisp of rain.  It was lovely.  I may not have even noticed it except for the bit of accumulation on our parked cars in the driveway.  It lasted a bit and then was done and now I am left with an increased anticipation for more to come.

I’ve brewed a second pot of coffee this afternoon hoping it will act as some sort of interpretive rain dance, a special calling to beckon her back.

So, now I wait….impatiently, waiting.


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