Being Reminded

It could just be that I am over analysing, I’ve been known to do just that on occasion but I’m not sure I had anticipated feeling so connected to the even-flo of life through work.  More simply, I’ve been given the opportunity to arrange flowers for people in preparation for their most joyous events but for a few it’s been at a time of grieving and deep sadness.  Most deeply felt personally with my own grandmother’s passing last year.  Even more poignant for me was the connection I never knew I had to her through flower arranging, but that’s a whole other story….

It’s sort of interesting how it all builds, not only because of each occasion but because of the time I have to reflect on that specific moment in time while working on each project.

Last week I was asked by one of my closest friends to arrange flowers for the passing of one of her oldest clients, Bonnie.  The flowers were to be delivered to the same church that just last summer I had delivered and set-up for a wedding.  I never personally had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie but after delivering the flowers to the church I stopped in to visit my friend at her salon where Bonnie had come for years.  Many of the other girls at the salon had also known Bonnie and it was truly uplifting to hear all of them speak to her spunkiness and zest for life. 

I feel really blessed by these momments, not only in times of sadness but also when I get to hand a happy-faced bride her bouquet.  It all reminds me of what life is, and what it’s truly about.

2 Responses to Being Reminded

  1. Dad March 9, 2011 at 12:39 pm #

    I love this! Blog away on all things flowers, life and personal views. I will put you on my RSS list.

  2. Shirley Deardorff March 9, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    You don’t use your gift of ‘writing’ enough. What a talented lady you are. Blessed to be your Mom.

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